Together with artist Silvia Iorio, Fabio Mazzeo has created the “De Siderium” award, a work created for the winning projects of “CULTURA + IMPRESA 2016” Award.

This initiative, held on 24th May 2017 in Milan at Fondazione Feltrinelli, is the most important Italian event dedicated to Sponsorships, Partnerships and Corporate Cultural Productions, and it is aimed at enhancing the relationship between companies, institutions and cultural operators.

The Artist Award has been assigned to Generali Italia, OVS, Fondazione Banco di Napoli e Fondazione Pierlombardo, first prize winners, respectively, in the “Sponsorships and Cultural Partnerships”, “Corporate Cultural Productions”, “Corporate Foundations” and “Art Bonus” categories.

The work contains a meteorite suspended in a place with three equal dimensions of 21 cm, magic and founding number in Silvia Iorio’s poetry, giving life to a perfect volume in which the graphemes engraved by the artist, as if they rediscovered clues, that led the gaze towards the diagonal of light where the precious and mysterious fragment remains hovering.

Fabio Mazzeo has passionately welcomed the invitation to participate in a project that aims to promote the relationship between Culture and Company: “The opportunity to work as a designer together with an artist at the realization of this award makes me say, as President of a company and of  foundation, that today’s companies are called to produce a value wider than economic and financial. It is necessary to take into account the cultural value generated by their precious contribution in terms of social responsibility which, if nurtured and encouraged, is able to give rise to generative circular movements of further value.”

“De Siderium” was created by the team of Exclusiva creatives, composed by Gianluca Bilotta (Architect), Federico Grisolia (Product Manager), Franco Mancinelli (Brand Manager), Fabio Pistilli (Visual Designer) and coordinated by Fabio Mazzeo. Fondazione Exclusiva has followed the “direction” of this collaboration, building a bridge of cultural sense between the creative company and an initiative like this: a way to affirm how much culture can also herald economic development, cultural welfare and social responsibility.