Fabio Mazzeo Architects is a community of creative people, professionals and freethinkers. We act as tailors from sketch to completion, merging the design process with the building phase.

Every day, we make value by drawing from the precious heritage of Italian artisan and industrial expertise, through unique projects and works. We involve hundreds of “craftsmen of beauty”, businesses and artisans that represent the proper Italian know-how in our work. Exclusiva’s design overlooks the different “styles”, but it represents an authorial, subjective and tailoring approach, focused on a detailed research on the clients, their requests and their background.

We specialized in highly customized projects such as the residential interiors and their architecture, or interiors of public spaces of high symbolic, cultural and aesthetic value.

We design and realize projects and prototypes for bespoke furnishings and high-quality decoration solutions.

We pursue a method and get to the height, when we shape and produce our tailoring work to the individual, outcome of a creative process  is meant as an interdisciplinary and collective experience.

This method is nothing but the implementation of a specific idea of creativity based on the contribution of diverse abilities and in which the client is an integrated part of the process.

Beauty, for us, isn’t the result of sampling potential target groups, but the outcome of an exclusive research on the individual.

Fabio Mazzeo