LOCATION: St. Petersburg, Russia
FLOOR AREA: 11.000 sqm

CLIENT: Exclusiva
PHOTO: Massimo Camplone


This business center for Gazprom Neft, a reference company for the oil production of the holding Gazprom, is a complex interior design project where the adjective  “contemporary” is a synthesis of keywords such as innovation, energy and movement. The project is designed for continuous, curved or straight lines, streamlined surfaces and chromatic contrasts. The engineering of biodynamic lighting, decorative experimentation and an innovative study of ergonomics together with the use of space complete the framework of thorough research to achieve the highest performance required by the client. An endeavour of eleven thousand square meters, which engaged a vast array of skills and professionalism of all that is “made in Italy” and which combines aesthetics, functionality and design.

DESIGN BY Fabio Mazzeo


DESIGN TEAM LEADER: Maila Evangelista
DESIGN TEAM: Gianluca Bilotta, Maria Elena Crescini, Valentina Martino, Marta Floriano Millan
DECORATION TEAM: Stefana Andrici, Paola Bacchi, Olsi Dani, Flavia Fefè, Franco Mancinelli, Francesco Pogliaghi, Lara Pollara