LOCATION: St. Moritz, Switzerland
FLOOR AREA: 1.150 sqm

CLIENT: Exclusiva
PHOTO: Massimo Camplone


Inspired by the surrounding nature and mountains, this project of interior design combines with the pre-existing modern structure and the magical landscape of St. Moritz.
The client requested elegance and uncompromising innovation for this chalet, both from a formal and technological point of view.
Colours and textures, unique handcrafted objects, custom furnishings, technological innovations and space functions: each element works in an integrated way to allow moments of serenity.
The main living area, with a panoramic view of the lake, is dominated by a bespoke table of over 5 meters, made using a single piece of oak trunk.
Decorative finishes and panels, handmade especially for the project, complete the interior design.

DESIGN BY Fabio Mazzeo


DESIGN TEAM LEADER: Monica Baldacchini
DESIGN TEAM: Gianluca Bilotta, Valentina Martino