LOCATION: Rome, Italy
FLOOR AREA: 500 sqm

CLIENT: Exclusiva
PHOTO: Massimo Camplone


Headquarters are located in the heart of Renaissance Rome in Palazzo Baldoca Muccioli, a noble building dating back to 1550. The restyling project aimed at preserving and enhancing the interiors.
From the Lambrie, the upholstery, the grotesque and the windows, the original artistic elements have been carefully restored. The search for a perfect accord between the contemporaneity and the important legacy of this location is found in the recovery of all original decorations on doors and walls, alongside the works and panels of our artists and decorators.
The design is intended to give the workplace a relaxed and natural atmosphere, starting from the meeting room where the imposing vertical garden interacts with the walls painted in transparency on silver leaf, evoking a birch forest.

DESIGN BY Fabio Mazzeo