LOCATION: Shanghai, China

CLIENT: Exclusiva


A dynamic line of bright red walls, accompanying clients along a flowing pathway full of eye-catching episodes that narrate one of the most beautiful Italian stories ever told: the story of Ferrari.
Present and future co-exist in this space through striking images reproduced on a large LED wall at the entrance and on a six-metre-long sculptural work of art, created with a mixture of techniques, recalling the icons, values and successes of the great Ferrari adventure in a thrilling collage.
Further along is a display stand reproducing the Fiorano circuit with scale models of the latest Ferraris positioned along a three-dimensional steel band.
The itinerary culminates in the room dedicated to customization, where Fabio Mazzeo Architects has designed an object to bring the composition of this exciting set to a conclusion: a large oval in reflective steel installed in the ceiling and equipped with a lighting system specially designed to enable clients to enjoy the experience to the utmost.

DESIGN BY Fabio Mazzeo


DESIGN TEAM LEADER: Alessio Barilari
DESIGN TEAM: Gianluca Bilotta, Daniele Rinaldi