CLIENT: Fabio Mazzeo Architects


In the large entrance hall of the 17th-century palace at 167 Via Giulia, a new, dramatic reflective installation welcomes and surprises guests and visitors.
A large mirrored wall surface, 4.5 meters wide by 4 meters high, intentionally broken down into several sections, all of them self-propelled. In a play of continuous reflections, the structure catalyzes the space in its multiple angles and perspectives, returning unexpected fragments in a kaleidoscopic and iridescent image.
Aesthetically striking and functional at the same time, the installation is integrated with a monitor with mirror screen technology, which enriches the reflective surface with visual suggestions and is used by the team for presentations to clients.
The backdrop covered in gold leaf combined with the backlighting enhances the fractures of the mirror, conceived as a semi-dynamic object.
Between art, architecture and design, a work that tells of Fabio Mazzeo Architects’ way of being and designing, inviting to cross a mirror beyond which to imagine and experience new, exciting visions of beauty.

DESIGN BY Fabio Mazzeo


DESIGN TEAM: Federico Grisolia, Olsi Dani