LOCATION: Muscat, Oman

CLIENT: Exclusiva


The Oman Air VIP lounge, in the Muscat airport, is the first image of this wonderful country.
The architectural concept found its code in the Omani landscape, where desert and mountains, oasis and rivers shape the geography. The intersection of circles of different sizes, a combination of simple geometric forms, creates a fluid and dynamic space which recalls the landscape. The green areas, which flowerbeds host native floral species, symbolize an oasis.
The Mashrabiya, recognizable from local culture and architecture, is used throughout the lounge with the double purpose of decorating and providing privacy.
Traditional materials, colors and textures have a prominent role, distinguishing the First Class, with its white and golden allure of the desert, and the Business Class, dominated by the warm shades of soil and nature.
The decorative system, an essential and characteristic part of the project, reveals the Omani land according to the interpretation of the collective genius of ExOfficina Interiors.
The artworks become precious cameos that enclose fragments of memory: each panel, indeed, is the treasure chest containing visions and memories of a wonderful landscape.

DESIGN BY Fabio Mazzeo



DESIGN TEAM LEADER: Emanuela Galassini
DESIGN TEAM: Alessio Barilari, Tiziano Serantoni, Gianluca Bilotta, Olsi Dani, Maria Lipilina, Alessandra Precenzano, Flavia Fefè, Fabio Pistilli
DECORATION TEAM: Francesco Pogliaghi, Stefana Andrici, Paola Bacchi, Olsi Dani, Lara Pollara, Daniele Torsello, Vanessa Protani, Fabrizio Pistacchio, Marco Viola, Giovanna Neri, Cristina Bennati, Federica Censi, Dania Melone, Cinzia Coticoni