LOCATION: Doha, Qatar
FLOOR AREA: 6,400 sqm

CLIENT: Private


The principal request for this design of a private residence was to combine the customs and habits of Arabic culture, reinterpreted through Italian taste, creativity and style.
This unique villa is the protagonist of an entire artificial island, an exceptional, metaphysical and important object in its own right. Suspended in the air, free of any dialogue with the anthropic world though strongly linked to the earth, to which its structures are based, it generates a fascinating intertwining of immense architectural masses.
Metaphorically divided by the axis oriented toward Mecca, and physically separated into two parts, one reserved for men, the other for women, this home responds to the client’s request for something “surprising”.
The external surface is a precious pattern evocative of ancient musharabiya, a symbol of Arab culture reinterpreted through Western eyes; it characterizes the surfaces while simultaneously protecting the interiors against the intense light and spectacular views of the surrounding landscape.
The entire project was conceived in layering volumes and surfaces linked indissolubly to the earth and sea by a vast private park.

DESIGN BY Fabio Mazzeo


DESIGN TEAM LEADER: Maila Evangelista, Olsi Dani