LOCATION: Megève, France

CLIENT: Exclusiva


A luxury restaurant at 1400 m above sea-level. In the middle of the ski slopes, between the snow-capped peaks, an unexpected surprise for mountain goers who appreciate excellence. This project was designed and built in a very short time, a total redesign of an earlier mountain retreat. The building was demolished and rebuilt from scratch: architectural and interior design executed in record time.
A radical change requested by a client who wanted to transform a simple spot for skiers in an exclusive restaurant, from a totally new design style to the services offered.
A large room divided into two distinct areas, the smaller dedicated to the privet, while the larger for all other guests. Separated by a sliding wall with a large window, a large fireplace and a wine cellar for the highest quality wines.
Materials that undoubtedly recall luxury and contemporary style such as crystal and steel blend with traditional materials such as wood, to allow the guests to feel the warmth of a typical mountain environment, even if they are in a stylishly modern setting. Custom made for the furnishings, finishes and decorations.

DESIGN BY Fabio Mazzeo


DESIGN TEAM LEADER: Emanuela Galassini
DESIGN TEAM: Tiziano Serantoni, Valeria Paganini