Fabio Mazzeo, Founder and Design Director of the studio, possesses a fervent passion for complexity. His relentless curiosity about tools and languages consistently propels him to tackle diverse and challenging endeavors. Transitioning seamlessly from industrial design to architecture and interior design, he crafts scenographies that defy repetition.

An obsession with detail and an unwavering belief in the sublime potential of materials have led him to collaborate with Italy’s most skilled artisans, transforming the impossible into tangible reality.

At the heart of his creative process lies a harmonious fusion of advanced technology and traditional craftsmanship, a dance between innovation and tradition that defines each project. Mazzeo encapsulates the essence of the Italian spirit, particularly the warmth and generosity of the South, in his design approach, which prioritizes dialogue and empathy, aiming to capture and realize the emotional visions of his clients.

Each creation by Fabio Mazzeo is a narrative, a celebration of collective passion and commitment to shaping pieces of the world. His work serves as an invitation to join this ongoing narrative, bridging the artisanal past with the innovative future of design.