Antonacci Falegnamerie, with the design concept by Fabio Mazzeo Architects, presents

ANAMORPHOSIS – Revealing Beauty

This installation stands as a vibrant testament to aesthetic innovation, where compositional elements engage in a deliberate clash. The interplay between modern fragmentation and the rigorous embrace of classical boiseries creates a mesmerizing mix of materials, textures, and decorations that captivate the observer. The finishes, both precious and refined, reflect Antonacci Falegnamerie’s commitment to pioneering design explorations.

The exhibit unfolds as a captivating kaleidoscope of colors and materials, mirrored surfaces revealing the exceptional constructional prowess of Antonacci Falegnamerie.

Fabio Mazzeo broadens the scope of scenography beyond architecture, blending furniture with the overall space through a mix of formal cues, color contrasts, and dynamic geometries. This approach showcases a seamless shift from vertical to horizontal elements, transforming architectural features into functional furnishings.

Attention to the polyhedral seating (crafted by Atelier +39) and the sophisticated lighting (provided by Profili) highlights their significant contributions to both the aesthetic and practical enhancement of the space. “ANAMORPHOSIS – Revealing Beauty” is more than an installation; it’s a celebration of the vast possibilities inherent in custom design.
It serves as an invitation to immerse in the synthesis of Italian craftsmanship’s storied heritage with its forward-thinking innovation, demonstrating a unique capability to create spaces of bespoke elegance.